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Gulfport, Florida is one of the "5 great, lesser-known places to retire"

5 great, lesser-known places to retire

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What is the TRUTH?

Well, if you ask me, the creator and developer of GulfportFlorida.us, I would have to agree whole-heartedly even though i am not retired yet.

Why do I say that, and say it with total conviction?

I have a long list of reasons, but it boils down to a simple formula that is certainly not for everybody. That is good as we are a small town with limited space. Yet there are enough of "us" out there who fall instantly in love with Gulfport as soon as we set foot in it to fill our town to the brim with very cool and interesting people. Many are retired, but not all.

Gulfport is different, it has a personality and character that is most unique. It's kind of hard to explain.

It might be easier to describe what we are not.

If you really like living in brand new suburbs with a giant Walmart and a Denny's on every corner, well Gulfport might not be for you. We do have all that within 10 or 15 minutes, but that's not us. We cherish our locally owned restaurants and shops. We do have the best food and some very interesting shopping experiences.

If you are comfortable where every yard and home looks the same, and there is never a "weird" or "odd" decoration in someone's yard, don't even bother considering moving here. You might visit and enjoy the day, but if you live here you'll see all kinds of eccentric art and styles enhancing our homes.

On the same theme, if you are comfortable where everybody looks the same, and there is never a "weird" or "odd" character in front of someone's home, you probably don't want to move here. But you might enjoy visiting for the day.

Now if you've read this far and are thinking that you might be very happy as someone who has the freedom to express yourself artistically in a great community or by being accepted and loved as the total eccentric person who you are naturally, you might have found a home. (That's how so many of us landed here long before the USA Today's of the world knew we existed.)

Homes are selling as fast as they hit the market in Gulfport.

However, if you are not planning on living here and just hope to make a quick profit as an investor, please look elsewhere and allow those of us who plan to live here respecting our neighbors and our lovely town to have an opportunity to buy a home.

If you do come visit and decide you'd be happy to live here (you will know within a few hours), you will be welcome and we'll bring you in to our hearts. Lucky are you who will feel at home here!

There are real opportunities for investors, though.

Some of Gulfport is completely undeveloped, even some of our waterfront areas which are very rare in Florida. Know that we will fight to protect the Old Florida character of our Historic Downtown Waterfront District, but this writer has spectacular visions of a future waterfront resort and conference center outside the downtown area at the end of 49th Street South where now some old, not too attractive apartments are seeing their last few years of life on amazingly prime property.

Contact Vice Mayor, Ward 2 Representative - Christine Brown

49th Street is one of the most important north-south thoroughfares in Pinellas County.

It sadly comes to a simple Dead End sign at our gorgeous Boca Ciega Bay in Gulfport with no excitement at all. (I see a beautiful waterfront park beside the same future 4 Star resort I mention above.) Going north, 49th Street becomes a major road and without making a turn one could drive all the way through Pinellas County into Pasco County while driving through St. Petersburg, Pinellas Park, Highpoint, Safety Harbor, and Holiday which have all been developed. Down here in Gulfport 49th Street is a lump of clay just waiting for someone with a vision to create a masterpiece. (Not to mention jobs, tax revenue, new visitors, more tourists, and more traffic for our Historic Downtown Waterfront District and other areas only a few blocks away.)

To be continued as time allows me to write...


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