Gulfport Florida Welcome to Gulfport Florida! We have an interesting collection of people to meet, places to visit, and things to do in our undiscovered little community. Mon, 24 Apr 2017 05:22:49 +0000 Joomla! 1.5 - Open Source Content Management en-gb Gulfport Florida

Welcome to Gulfport Florida!

We have an interesting collection of people to meet, places to visit, and things to do in our undiscovered little community. With natural beauty enhanced by our colorful personality, you will find Gulfport FL to be a visionary experience that you will want to share with your family and friends.

Located on the Boca Ciega Bay with a nice beach and long fishing pier, Gulfport's Waterfront District attracts young and old alike.

Gulfport is famous for it's variety of dining experiencs. In fact, Gulfport was one of the six finalist in the Rand McNally "Best of the Road" out of 600 competing towns for "Best for Food".

Check out all of our local dining establishments here on

Many of Gulfport's first time visitors come to taste our delicious offerings and then come back with freinds to share the discovery.

Visitors may enjoy a delicious breakfast after a nice walk along Shore Blvd to take in the scenic view of Tierra Verde across the bay. Then they might spend a few hours shopping for original paintings, unique gifts, Florida souvenirs, or rare antiques. Maybe they will just take in the scenery or photograph the colorful buildings and homes that sit on tree covered streets in Gulfport. Lunch or Dinner would be enjoyed in any of the several popular restaurants on Gulfport, Beach and Shore Blvds.

Gulfport Florida has beautiful parks and a relaxing walk in the Clam Bayou Nature Preserve is always a visual and auditory treat with the sights and sounds of wild birds, the breeze in the trees, and the water of the bayou. One of my favorite things to do in Gulfport is walk out onto Williams' Pier at sunset to take pictures or just follow the sun as it goes down while watching the clouds put on a colorful show. After it gets dark, I let my eyes dance with the reflecting lights from Salty's Gulfport and O' Maddy's Bar and Grill on the gentle evening waves for a calming experience.

On the first Friday and third Saturday of every month at 6:00 pm, Beach Blvd comes alive with artists, vendors, musicians, and great food during our famous Gulfport Art Walks.

Every Tuesday is Gulfport's Tuesday Fresh Market where fresh produce is sold and vendors set up offering fresh baked breads, fresh seafood, cheeses, nuts, spices and sauces, along with hand crafted art and clothing and more!

Gulfport Florida is a great place to discover, and I promise you will be pleased with what you find. And I bet you will enjoy sharing the secret with your friends!

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Gulfport Backyard Bird Cam

Go to full-screen to view the Backyard Bird Cam!

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Who Ya Gonna Call? Gulfport Florida Information

Seeking info about Gulfport, FL?

Are you looking to rent the Casino? Interested in being a vendor at one of our festivals? Wondering the best place to dine for your taste? Have questions about where to stay? How to get here? What activities are going on? Or any other question?

Who Ya Gonna Call?

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Gulfport Casino listed on National Register of Historic Places For Immediate Release:
#0001 - 12/18/2014

Media Contact:
Justin Shea
Cultural Facilities Events Supervisor
(727) 893-1066

Old Gulfport Casino

The Gulfport Casino Ballroom has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
Secretary of State Ken Detzner announced yesterday that several Florida properties, including the Gulfport Casino, have been recently listed in the National Park Service's National Register of Historic Places.

"I am pleased to announce the listing of these historic Florida resources on the National Register of Historic Places," said Secretary of State Ken Detzner. "These properties represent the broad spectrum of Florida life and history, having served as homes and places of business, worship, recreation, tourism, or as municipal centers."

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"Gulfport Blue" Parrot Gulfport Blue "Blue-crowned Conure"

We have so many of these wild Blue-Crowned Conure Parrots in Gulfport, Florida that they are becoming known as "Gulfport Blues."

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Gulfport, Florida - A Photographer's Dream Gulfport, FL is a photographer's dream

As the sun rises in Gulfport, Florida, photographers from around the world take advantage of the natural beauty that surrounds Gulfport, Florida.

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Large Gulfport Photo Gallery For a special treat, click for a LARGE photo gallery you can check out!

Photo Gallery by Rob Fowler featuring Gulfport Florida
Click image to see full-sized Gallery

Open the Gallery and just let it run while you relax and watch over 220 colorful photos of Gulfport Florida display.

Thank you to all 95,000 + friends and visitors who have supported us so far!
And...we are just beginning!

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USA Today says... Gulfport, Florida is one of the "5 great, lesser-known places to retire"

5 great, lesser-known places to retire

Read the USA Today article here...>>

What is the TRUTH?

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Visit Visit

You have got to visit this beautiful website by photographer Robert King.

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Our Stillwagon Mural Our Stillwagon Mural

When we bought our home last summer, the first thing we decided was that we'd have Keith Stillwagon paint a mural on the front of our house.

Keith Stillwagon

Work began on the 2012 Summer Solstice.

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How to Play Pool Gulfport, Florida is home to billiards legend D.W. "Diamond Dave" Thayer who has written one of the world's most effective series of books on How to Play Pool.

How to Play Pool

Diamond Dave's series called, "Hot Shots Plus," has been teaching players how to shoot pool like a pro using the Diamond System.

How to Play Pool like a Pro

Check out our local pool guru Diamond Dave at: ]]> (Rob) frontpage Fri, 17 Feb 2012 10:07:52 +0000 Waterfront Changes! Gulfport, Florida Map of 1905

Is that O' Maddy's Bar and Grill sittting in the Boca Ciega Bay in this Gulfport, Florida map of 1905??

Visit the Gulfport Historical Society!

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Gulfport DeadHeads Gulfport Florida DeadHeads

Visit the Blueberry Patch

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Suzie King - SIK Promotions Suzie King - SIK Promotions 


Suzanne King (aka. Pirate Suzie) has been arranging festivals for over 8 years.  Starting with her enthusiasm for all things Pirate, she began arranging the annual John Levique Pirates Day in Johns Pass where she works at the Friendly Fisherman Restaurant.  As a local resident of Gulfport, Florida she became active in the Gulfport Merchants Association and brought her expertise with vendors to the bi-weekly Art Walks.  Over 45 Vendors are placed twice monthly, fees collected; records kept, and standards for vendors are all perfected by Suzie.

Read More... >>

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Welcome to The Longhouse... ...dedicated to nurturing the body, mind, spirit and heart of all.

Welcome to the Longhouse...dedicated to nurturing the body, mind, spirit and heart of all.

In the Spring of 2004, The Longhouse on 49th Street Inc. was founded by Andrea Royce and Ken Laurence.  Their intention to create a community well-being centre became a reality.  Andrea and Ken are both licensed massage therapists and Reiki Masters with a deep committment to assist others on their healing path.

The Longhouse on 49th Street, Inc.
2309 49th Street S
Gulfport FL 33707

Tel 727.322.5766

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Check out Tired of the malls and the chains? Check out, Tampa Bay's most comprehensive networking of locally owned, independent businesses.

Local Shopper 

We have hundreds of listings ... and if your favorite store isn't there, you can add it.

It's free to browse, free to join, free to get listed.

Registered members get alerts on sales and invitations to super-cool parties all over town. We host clothing swaps, book fairs, chocolate parties, wine & cheese evenings and so much more. For the business owners, we offer free seminars and free networking opportunities.

We hope you'll drop by our network of indie-minded shoppers and business owners.


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A True Gulfport Adventure! Well, I fiinally did it. 

 Kayak Nature Adventures in Gulfport, Florida.

From the first day I drove into Gulfport I knew I wanted to take a Kayak Nature Adventure tour. I'm ashamed to say that it took me two and half years to do it, but now I can say I have done it. And you can bet I will do it again...often.

It was magnificent! Absolutely beautiful! I had no idea what I was missing!

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Gulfport Historic Slide Show  Gulfport Historic Slide Show

Check out this historic slide show on Gulfport Florida by the City of Gulfport!


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