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City of Gulfport New Recycling Program


The City of Gulfport is proud to announce our new Recycling guidelines. In addition to the blue bin, the city has added a green bin as well. 1st thing 1st, All items should be rinsed for cleanliness and if possible, crushed to save space Let's go over the new guidelines:

The Blue bin is for:

  • Aluminum Cans
  • Steel Cans
  • Plastic Bottles

For Aluminum cans, empty rinse and crush cans for sanitary reasons and to save space.

Examples: Soda, beer or some pet food cans

If you are not sure it is aluminum, test it with a magnet (steel cans stick to a magnet, aluminum cans do not)

For Steel Cans, please empty and rinse and paper labels and lids can stay.

Examples: Soup, vegetables or some pet food cans

For plastic bottles, look for the #1 to #7 underneath the bottle. Please empty, rinse and crush if possible. Remove caps, lids or non-aerosol pump spray tops.

Examples: Soda, juice, milk, water, ketchup, mouthwash, salad dressing, cleaners or detergent bottles

And now for the New Green Bin:

That bin will now hold your newspaper, cardboard and mixed paper. Newspapers can include the inserts, but no string or twine and they must be clean and dry. Cardboard is the typical corrugated (3 layer) card board box or packaging. Flatten all boxes to make sure they are empty clean and dry

Sorry, NO PIZZA boxes!

Mixed paper includeds: White or colored paper, office paper, shredded paperm magazines or catalogs, phone books, junk mail or envelopes, wrapping paper, and also single layered paperboard items such as cereal boxes, paper towel rolls or soda cartons. (Sorry, No paper towels or tissues)

If you are interested in participating in the City of Gulfport recycling program, please contact Public Works at 893-1089.


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